• 8 Lessons


    In this course we will read, contemplate, and discuss some of the great lyric poems of the English-speaking tradition. Through instruction and practice, students will become better at reading and appreciating poetry as poetry.

  • 8 Lessons


    This is the second course in a (projected) four-course sequence aimed at equipping Fellows to master for themselves, at their leisure, original texts by classical authors, and to make their way through the Books of the New Testament and the Septuagint (the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures). Introduction to Ancient Greek I, led Fellows into a well-selected Greek vocabulary, and enough Greek grammar and morphology (conjugations of verbs, declensions of nouns and adjectives, including the present, and imperfect tenses active and middle/passive voices of the Greek verb) to parse and sight-read selected passages from classical authors and the New Testament. At the conclusion of Introduction to Ancient Greek, II, Fellows will have added additional vocabulary, the future and aorist tenses of the active and middle/passive verb, and associated syntax—enough Greek to begin essaying substantial passages from classical authors and the New Testament with help from, say, the Perseus word-tool.  Continued below...