Building on the foundational truths contained in Aristotle's "Metaphysics" and St. Thomas Aquinas's "De Ente et Essentia", this class will examine three chief topics: 1) the nature of participation, 2) the transcendentals, and 3) the place of metaphysics among the sciences. By delving into these topics we shall more deeply understand the Angelic Doctor's teachings not only on the nature of being and natural theology, but also on the way of proceeding proper to the metaphysician. The two main texts for this class are: An Exposition of "On the Hebdomads" of Boethius and The Division and Methods of the Sciences (both by St. Thomas Aquinas).


Readings for Each Week:
Week 1: Participation (part 1) - reading:  An Exposition of "On the Hebdomads" of Boethius, chapters 1-2
Week 2: Participation (part 2) - reading: An Exposition of "On the Hebdomads" of Boethius, chapters 3-5
Week 3: The Transcendentals (part 1) - reading: Disputed Questions on Truth, q. 1, a. 1 (, and Summa theologiae, I, question 11, articles 1-4.
Week 4: The Transcendentals (part 2) - reading: Summa theologiae, I, question 16, articles 1-8
Week 5: The Transcendentals (part 3) - reading: Summa theologiae, I, question 5, articles 1-5; question 6, articles 1-4, and uploaded text on beauty 
Week 6: Metaphysics & the Sciences (part 1) - reading: The Division and Methods of the Sciences (question 5, articles 1-2)
Week 7: Metaphysics & the Sciences (part 2) - reading: The Division and Methods of the Sciences (question 5, articles 3-4, and question 6, article 1)
Week 8: Metaphysics & the Sciences (part 3) - reading: The Division and Methods of the Sciences (question 6, articles 2-4)

About Instructor

David Arias

Dr. David Arias is a professor of philosophy at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, NE. Prior to coming to Nebraska, Dr. Arias taught philosophy, theology, natural science, mathematics, literature, and various other subjects for eleven years at Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA. Dr. Arias has published in both scholarly and popular venues. His main areas of scholarly interest are natural philosophy and metaphysics. On a more personal note, Dr. Arias is happily married to Jennaya Arias and together they are the blessed parents of thirteen children (nine boys and four girls).

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