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Ep. 023 – The Fr. Owen Carroll: Being and Loving in St. Thomas

Proving the Existence of God. Being, truth, and the desire to know more fully. Voluntas. Responding to the “But who moved God?” argument. Bertrand Russell and Kant. Motus in Aquinas vs Aristotle, and breaking through the infinite regress objection. Have you heard this before? Dying and the glory of beauty. Christ, giver of life. Love as the intellectual desire. Countering the modern desire to oppose the intellect and the will. Love and the first act of the will.

NB: at 24:17 Fr. Owen says “Motus for Aristotle is this movement from non-being to being.” He seems to have meant “Motus for Aquinas…”

Fr. Owen Carroll taught philosophy and theology for over fifty years (DePaul, St. Mary’s College of California, and the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology). His teaching has informed students in all walks of life, some of whom are now prominent scholars, authors, clergy. He is a priest ordained under the medieval title of Patrimony (possibly the last living today). After praying his whole professional life to remain hidden, now in his ninetieth year, he has granted the Albertus Magnus Institute permission to begin releasing his archived work to the public.

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