EP. 052 – There Bade Me Gaze.

Today’s guest, Oscar Ortiz, is both a brilliant thinker and incredible achiever who has transformed crumbling schools into sanctuaries for students.

Listen as he tells John and Larissa how he plans to continue to bring wonder to students all over America.

Oscar has devoted his career to classical education and over the course of ten years has gone from the classroom, to head of school, to Superintendent. He is known for being a passionate advocate for various classical charter organizations, lending his assistance and expertise to all. With an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and a master’s in the Liberal Arts. Oscar is well-versed in classical themes bringing his knowledge into every new endeavor. Originally from Honduras, Oscar’s vocation has always been creating access to classical education to diverse and disadvantaged populations believing that the true, the good, and the beautiful paves the way for all to lead flourishing lives.

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