Liberating the Liberal Arts

What is the Magnus Fellowship?

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The Magnus Fellowship is an exclusive body of classically educated persons brought together as a society of friends, without respect to age or location, dedicated to promoting the liberal arts and renewing the culture. 

Lifetime Benefits of the Magnus Fellowship Include:

  • Certificate of Fellowship, mailed to you upon enrollment
  • Professional Networking
  • Unlimited Free Access to online, live, and interactive AMI Courses
  • Exclusive Access to regional AMI Events and Symposiums
  • 15% off all Magnus Pilgrimages
  • 15% off all Magnus Press Books and Merchandise
  • Student Loan Debt Assistance for Prospective Religious
  • And More

Upon Whom is Fellowship Conferred?

  • Any current Student Fellow or graduate of the Albertus Magnus Institute (simply apply below) OR
  • Any current student or graduate of the following Magnus Endorsed Institutions:
  • Campion College, San Francisco (2002-2007)
  • Hillsdale College
  • Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts, New Hampshire
  • St. John’s College, Annapolis or Santa Fe
  • St. Mary’s College of California (Integral and Philosophy Students only)
  • Thomas Aquinas College, California or New England
  • Thomas More College of the Liberal Arts, New Hampshire
  • University of Dallas
  • University of Kansas (Pearson Integrated Humanities Program, 1970-1979 only)
  • University of Notre Dame (Program of Liberal Studies only)
  • Wyoming Catholic College

Why are only these institutions Magnus Endorsed?

These institutions offer an authentic, classical education rooted in the great books, trivium, and quadrivium, each according to a particular flavor or emphasis. We are happy to endorse their faculties and curricula.

Think we missed one? Email us here (

What if I enrolled in one of those Institutions but never graduated?

Only upon current students or graduates of the above Institutions is Fellowship conferred. Fellowship is revoked if a student terminates his or her studies prior to graduation.

How much does it cost?

Enrollment in the Magnus Fellowship is completely free and always will be.

Once enrolled in the Fellowship, can I register for any course I like?

Upon public announcement of every course, the first eight available spaces in that course are reserved for Fellows giving at the Gladiator level and above. Subsequently, an early registration window will open for those giving at the Amicus and Legatus levels – leaving no less than eight spaces available per course during the general registration window to Fellows who are unable to contribute to the Institute monetarily. While we outline an ideal tract for the accomplishment of the curriculum as a whole, a Fellow may take any course at any time without any prerequisite. Fellows may be enrolled in multiple courses at once as courses will seldom be scheduled concurrently.  

What kind of a course experience can I expect? 

Every course is capped at a maximum of 24 students to preserve collegiality and personal engagement. Courses are live and interactive. Led by a Senior Fellow of the Albertus Magnus Institute, each class will meet weekly for two hours and consist of equal parts lecture and discussion, usually around an assigned text. You may have writing or journaling assignments that will be personally assessed by the Senior Fellow with grades being issued on a pass / fail basis. Apart from class attendance, a Fellow of the Albertus Magnus Institute in study should expect no more than two to five hours of weekly reading and writing per course. Most courses will be scheduled on weekday evenings.

How to Apply:

Simply submit this Form, and we’ll get on it. Most applications are processed within a week. Upon acceptance, you’ll receive instant enrollment in the Magnus Fellowship and access to all of the benefits. 

Online classes and the first Magnus Pilgrimage will be announced soon.

Magnus Fellowship Application

Please Note: In some cases, we will verify your status with your institution’s registrar.