Lenten Ep. 2 – Liturgy, Authority, and Living Scripture

 As Great Lent continues… so do podcasts with Fr. Owen Carroll. 

Today’s being “Liturgy, Authority, and Living Scripture.”

Lecturer Fr. Owen Carroll is one of the foremost experts on Thomas Aquinas and one of the greatest living teachers on the life of Christ. As St. Bernard of Clairvaux is the last of the patristics, Fr. Carroll is said to be the last medieval schoolman. After praying to remain hidden his whole life, he has now entrusted his unpublished work and lectures with us.

We are pleased to bring you these lectures given to a small group of retired religious (many, like Fr. Carroll, in their 90s)!

We hope you will enjoy and share these lessons that are as charming as they are profound. Subscribe to get them throughout the season. 

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