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The Albertus Magnus Institute is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the promotion of education that is truly liberating. Our namesake, St. Albert the Great, is known as the Universal Doctor. A renaissance man before the Renaissance, he mastered and taught each of the arts and sciences in a way that has echoed throughout time, preserving, strengthening, and conveying the great Western Tradition. He understood that authentic human freedom is accessible only through another sort of learning, one that is universal. He understood that these arts are called liberal because they alone can liberate. 

Sadly, this notion has become totally foreign to modern ears. The place once occupied in the Tradition by authentic liberal education has been usurped by an imposter calling itself by the same name. The fruits of this modern counterfeit are manifold: students are given over to a lifetime of indentured servitude through debt, and the culture is disintegrating. Schools have ceased to be places of education and become places of manipulation. In short, we seek to disrupt this system and ransom the captives. We seek to offer an education that is at once free and freeing: to bring all men to the truth. Omnes ad Veritatem.

St. Albert the Great


Saint Albert the Great

With the help of our faithful benefactors, our mission is carried out through three main initiatives. 

The Magnus Fellowship:
A full-scale online school offering live and interactive coursework that is rooted in the great books tradition. The Magnus Fellowship is an academy in the classical sense – designed to unite students (Fellows) in every place, of every age, with an ageless, living tradition under the light of great texts and through the tutelage of great teachers (Senior Fellows). Fellows can take elective enrichment courses in the liberal arts for free or join a cohort for a three-year systematic tour.  

Magnus Institute Press: 
A traditional, limited-release publishing outlet dedicated solely to printing books that humans may still be reading in 100 years. 

The Magnus Podcast: 
Beyond soundbites or the fleeting debates of the day, there is an eternal conversation beseeching the attention and response of the modern listener. Always substantive, sometimes entertaining, the Magnus Podcast brings great minds to you through in-depth discussions, lectures, and interviews. 

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Board and Staff: 

Steven A. Cortright, Co-Founder 
Degrees from University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College Tutor in the Integral Curriculum of Liberal Arts at Saint Mary’s College of California 

John Johnson, Co-Founder & Volunteer Executive Director
Degrees from Saint Mary’s College of California and the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

David Arias, Director
Degrees from University of St. Thomas Center for Thomistic Studies and Thomas Aquinas College 

Patrick Downey, Director
Degrees from Harvard and Boston College

Brian A. Long, Jr.,  Director
Degree from Saint Mary’s College of California

Michael Skeehan, Director
Degrees from University of San Francisco (Ignatius Institute) and Franciscan University of Steubenville 

Eric Black, Director
Degrees from University of St. Thomas Center for Thomistic Studies and Thomas Aquinas College. 

Lucas Shimizu, Esq.,
Degrees from Saint Mary’s College of California and UC Hastings.

Ernest S. Pierucci, Esq., Advisor and Chairman of the Board of Regents
Degrees from Saint Mary’s College of California and The Columbus School of Law at the Catholic University of America

Larissa Bianco, Associate Director  
Degree from University of North Carolina at Charlotte 

Kathleen Moore, Executive Assistant 

Degree from Thomas More College of the Liberal Arts 

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