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New books smell great. Great books smell greater. Albertus Magnus Institute Press launches this Spring.

The Albertus Magnus Institute has partnered with the finest printer in Italy to produce beautiful, durable, limited run hardbacks of quarterly-released new titles. 
Every hardback book sold by Magnus Press comes with a 100 year guarantee – so your progeny can keep reading long after your noble death. 

The elegant hubbed spines, calf skin smyth-sewn casing, ribbons, and premium wood-free paper are just a few details that set the Magnus book apart from the competition aesthetically. But don’t judge a book by its cover. 

A Magnus text is bound to last centuries for good reason: we only print titles that stand a chance at still informing the tradition centuries from now. Put simply, Magnus Press will be your source for the new texts you can’t afford not to have on your shelf. 

We are publishing as disruptively as we are educating, and invite you to join us.

Frequently Asked:

Q: Why calf skin casing? 
A: Because something had to die to produce a book so splendid. 

Q: Can anybody purchase a Magnus book? 
A: As far as our limited run hardbacks are concerned, no. Apart from invited academic and ecclesial libraries, seminaries, and the Library of Congress, these texts are sold exclusively by invitation to Fellows in the Albertus Magnus Institute or given to benefactors donating at certain tiers. Soft-jacketed books will be sold on Amazon and by fine book sellers everywhere. 

Q: How can you actually offer a 100 year guarantee? 
A: By partnering with a multi-generational book maker and archiving a portion of what is printed exclusively for warrantee replacements, we are able to ensure that these texts will outlive each of us. In the event that the book your grandkid inherits falls apart, our grandkid will replace it. Our team is working on the details now, but, yes, it is a real, enforceable guarantee. 

Q: Will you make e-books or paperbacks? 
A: A book printed by Albertus Magnus Institute Press is made to be read in hand by those who have the power to inform the culture dramatically. Each hardback is individually serialized, beautifully packaged, and delivered to its owner with a mission. We will not produce e-books. The board has approved select titles for paperback print runs. 

Q. Are you publishing original titles or reprinting great books that are currently in the public domain? 
A: We are publishing original titles. 

Q: Can a Fellow with the Albertus Magnus Institute purchase books to give as a gifts to non-fellows. 
A: Yes. 

Q: When can I become a Fellow and purchase a book?
A: Our first title and author will be announced in September of 2021 with pre-orders opening soon thereafter. You can apply for the Fellowship now. 


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