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New books smell great. Great books smell greater. The Albertus Magnus Institute has partnered with the finest printer in Italy to produce beautiful, durable, limited run hardbacks of quarterly-released new titles. Every hardback book sold by Magnus Press comes with a 100 year guarantee – so your progeny can keep reading long after your noble death. 

The elegant hubbed spines, calf skin smyth-sewn casing, ribbons, and premium wood-free paper are just a few details that set the Magnus book apart from the competition aesthetically. But don’t judge a book by its cover. 

A Magnus text is bound to last centuries for good reason: we only print titles that stand a chance at still informing the tradition centuries from now. Put simply, Magnus Press will be your source for the new texts you can’t afford not to have on your shelf. 

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The Sufferings & Glory of Christ

by Fr. Owen Carroll

Foreword by Steven Cortright, Introduction by Anthony Lilles 

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In the pages of this luminous book, Father Owen Carroll offers readers nothing less than a mystagogical initiation into the mystery of Christ. Rather than merely telling us about Christ, he enables us to contemplate Christ himself, so that we, too, may see the Lord. To read The Sufferings and Glory of Christ is to enter into the heart of speculative theology under the guidance of one of its great living masters—a master who practices theologia, not simply as an academic discipline (though his formidable erudition quietly informs every line of the book), but, above all, as a participation of sanctified intelligence in the glorious Reality that Christ, dead and risen, both is and reveals.
—Adrian Walker, PhD, St. Patrick’s Seminary & University

The Sufferings and Glory of Christ by Fr Owen Carroll

The Sufferings and Glory of Christ paperback edition is now available for purchase through Amazon.

The Sufferings and Glory of Christ by Fr Owen Carroll

The Sufferings and Glory of Christ Limited Calf Skin Hardback edition is available exclusively to Fellows of the Albertus Magnus Institute who are welcome to purchase texts for themselves and friends. If you are not already an AMI Fellow, apply to become a Fellow today!

About the Author

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The Sufferings and Glory of Christ book signing by Fr Owen Carroll

Fr. Owen Carroll (b. 1930), is a priest of the Latin and Melkite rites ordained under patrimony. After graduate and priestly studies in Canada, Paris, and Rome, he taught philosophy and theology for over fifty years at Saint Mary’s College and the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in California. Having prayed to remain deeply hidden from the world in Christ, Fr. Carroll has until now been known almost exclusively by his students. Readers are invited to discover a living master of the Catholic intellectual tradition whose teaching has formed three generations of undergraduate and graduate professors as well as clerics and laymen from every walk of life. In these meditations, the fruit of a life devoted to the contemplation of the Blessed Trinity, we find a rich, comprehensive vision of the whole of Catholic theology and a faithful appropriation of the Thomist tradition. His penetrating insight into the heart of the Christian mysteries through the discipline of St. Thomas Aquinas is as inexhaustible as it is accessible. In his ninetieth year, Fr. Carroll has entrusted an entire library of unpublished manuscripts to the Albertus Magnus Institute.

Exclusive Fellowship Bonus!

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As a bonus to our beloved Fellows, the first 20 to order The Sufferings and Glory of Christ Calf Skin Hardback edition will receive one signed by the Author himself, Fr. Owen Carroll.

Quality for 100 Years, Guaranteed

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The craftsmanship of this Magnus Press limited edition hardback is guaranteed by the Albertus Magnus Institute against any defect of binding or paper for a period of one hundred years from the year of publication. This guarantee is fully transferable and made in association with our Italian printing partner, Graphicom. For questions or to file a warranty claim:

Praise for The Sufferings & Glory of Christ