Andrew Seeley

For more than two decades, Dr. Andrew Seeley has been a Tutor at Thomas Aquinas College in California, where his love has been teaching and learning with his fellow faculty and students from the greatest minds of Western Civilization. A 1987 graduate of Thomas Aquinas, Dr. Seeley received his Licentiate from the Pontifical Institute in Medieval Studies (Toronto) and a Ph.D. in Medieval Studies from the University of Toronto (1995). His dissertation was a study in St. Thomas’s teaching about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

His teaching experience includes courses in Biblical Studies; Patristics; Logic; Language; Natural Philosophy; Biology; Geometry; Cartesian Algebra; Differential Calculus; Number Theory; non-Euclidean Geometry; Ancient, Medieval and Modern Philosophy and Literature; Classical Physics and Relativity; and Music Theory.

Desiring to share his love of learning, in 2005 Dr. Seeley became Executive Director of the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education. He has spoken at conferences, led in-service workshops, offered consultations to schools and colleges and directed the Institute’s Academic Retreat for Teachers.

Dr. Seeley is on the National Policy Advisory Board for the Catholic High School Honor Roll, Wyoming Catholic College’s Catholic Scholars Advisory Board, and a number of Catholic liberal arts schools around the country. His articles have been published on-line in Crisis, First Things and The Imaginative Conservative, among others. He is co-author of Declaration Statesmanship: A Course in American Government.

Dr. Seeley is married to Lisa Seeley and is father to six children and grandfather to three.